NE29 The Beginnings ....



NE29 are Gareth and Thomas Bolt from NE29 (North Shields, Tyne & Wear). We started out in March 2013 to make music as a fun hobby. We did take ourselves seriously for a while until we started receiving good reviews from fans and other artists. We really enjoy what we have made so far but we currently have No plans to perform live at the moment.

Gareth works as a genealogist and has his own research company, Thomas attends a local high school and aspires to attend university after going to college. 

We joined Reverbnation in July 2013 not expecting to be taken very seriously, but after receiving favourable reviews from other artists it has encouraged us to continue making music and look at possibly trying to get a recording contract in the future. For the time being we have decided to release music through bandcamp.

Gareth who sings the NE29 vocals has had problems with nasal polyps since NE29 was founded. These have been removed but there were problems which has resulted in him having to see a speech therapist. Some songs with lyrics have been recorded but we hope for many more in the future. 

Our musical influences are wide ranging and include : Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Devo, The Faint, Kraftwerk, OMD, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Carpenters, Human League, Blondie, Example, Faithless, Fall Out Boy, Nine Inch Nails, Filthy Dukes, John Foxx, Moby, Rammstein, Sparks, Example, Pet Shop Boys and many more.