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Otober 2016 Update

We have made a start on our third studio album. The working title for this is 'Decayed Ressurection' We have so far have 16 demo tracks in various state of completion. All of the demos are so far without vocals. Gareth is hoping to add vocals to most of these and will start writing lyrics over the next few weeks. He is just recovering from a cold so not the best time to be trying to add any vocals right now.

We have added demos of Human and Decayed Ressurection to Soundcloud so you can get a basic feel of how the new album will sound.

We are not going to set a release date for the album this time. We had originally hoped that this one would be finished around the end of November. We have decided to continue working on this one until we are completely satisfied with the result. Especially when it comes to vocals. An honest release date would be somewhere between February 2017 and Easter 2017.

We will release further demos as we progress on the album. Hopefully more by the time of the next update on here.

Be safe and have a good start to your Autumn.

July Update

Sorry for the delay with the remix album which is now called 'Medieval' It is due to be available for download on from Thursday 21st August and priced at £5.00 only.  Once again as with the first two album releases on the album will contain 18 tracks:

1 Chelyabinsk (Extended Remix)

2 Listen While Youíre Working (Remix)

3 Biohazard (Sakura Remix)

4 Arcaniaa (Extended)

5 Sister of Night (Sari In Helsinki Mix)

6 Windmill Tilting (Workout Remix)

7 Jakarta (Atmospheric Remix)

8 Heat Rises (Devious Ways Remix)

9 Tashkent (Extended Remix)

10 Drifting Out To Sea (Chill Out Mix)

11 Alive (Tony Mok Remix)

12 Feeling Lucky (DejaVu Remix)

13 Synthicat Strikes (Extended)

14 Break It Down (2014 Mix)

15 Fallen Earth (Remix)

16 Retro Headline (DNG Mix)

17 Fallen Angel (Harcourt Remix)

18 The Chase (High Speed Pursuit)

May Update

The new Open Your Mind album will be available to purchase from for £5.00 from the 14th May. Sorry for the delay to this, have had some issues but all ready to go now.

March 2016 Update

Hope everyone will have a great Easter!

We finally have the 'Open Your Mind' album finished, well all apart from the cover artwork. That will be completed in the next two weeks. The album release date will be the 8th of April.

The track listing for the 'Open Your Mind' is as follows:

1 Intro

2 Winterís Last Breath

3 Positive Shoxx

4 Alive

5 Return Ticket To Miami

6 Tashkent

7 My Aching Little Soul

8 Brazil 2016

9 Heat Rises

10 Saw Synth Shaker

11Windmill Tilting

12 Hero Support

13 Chrome

14 Deep Space Cruising

15 Lost Karma

16 Open Your Mind

17 After The Fight

18 Itís All Downhill From Here

With Thomas being busy with school work he had not supplied any of the tracks for the second album but is working on ones for the third.  He has also been delayed making a video for the 'Listen While You're Working' Single so have decided to put that on hold for now but hopefully will get that released sometime over the summer.

If you have have heard some of our latest tracks such as 'Arcadiaa' and 'Fallen Earth' then revised versions of these will be included on our third album 'Crossing The Atlantic' which we are still aiming for a September release.


January 2016 Blog

Happy New Year to everyone out there.

We hope that you will have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead.

After a bit of rest we are back in the studio recording again. The single version of 'Listen While You're Working' has been completed. We are planning a release date towards the end of February.  Have not decided on the video for this yet. Thomas is currently working on ideas for this and hopefully a video will be released along with the single at the end of February. More about that next month.

We are also busy working on our second album 'Open Your Mind' around 14 of the 18 tracks are completed but not yet finally mixed. We will be hoping to have a release date of around the end of April for the our second album.

A couple of new tracks 'Arcania' and 'Crysis' will be added to Reverbnation and Soundcloud after this blog has been posted. Altered versions of these two songs maybe added to our second album.

We have noticed that we have not been giving soundcloud the right commitment lately so will upload more demos and finished tracks to there from now on.

October Update

We have decided due current workloads to postpone the forthcoming 'Listen While You're Working' single and 'Open Your Mind' album until the start of next year. The new release dates will hopefully follow next month but will probably be January 2016 for the single, and February 2016 for the album.

By releasing both records next year we will have more time then to spend on promoting both releases. Health depending it may gave Gareth an opportunity to add some further vocals to some of the tracks on the album.

We have also been scheduling in our third album release for the summer of 2016.  We are hoping for more collaborations with other artists on our third release and hope to release at least two singles with supporting videos along with these.

As each year has passed our fan base has grown and we are looking forward to next year and increased success with sales and radio play. Any possible live ventures in the future will depend on the success of our third album. We are planning to make our third album available on more than just bandcamp. No decisions on where yet though. We are also hoping to have this album and other tracks available on Spotify also.

We would like to point out that we have so far not added any tracks to Spotify up until now, although as it stands today seventeen of our tracks are available on Spotify.

On a different note we would recommend going to see 'The Martian' film starring Matt Damon. It's a wonderful film and having seen around twenty films at the cinema this year we would say that it's easily been the best.

Hope everyone has a great October and ends it with a fun Halloween.


September Upate

Hope everyone had a good summer. It seems to have gone now :(

We have been busy with the promotion of the Carjacker album lately. Had lots of good reviews which is always so nice to receive. We have decided to extended the 3 free tracks offer on the album till the end of September. Anyone buying the album until the 30th of September will get the additional tracks emailed to them.

We had been working on releasing a single from the album 'Listen While Your Working' today but this has been put back until the 2nd of October now. It will be released Bandcamp and will be a 5 track EP containing mixes and at least one exclusive track. We will release more information regarding this at the end of next week.  We had also planned to make a video to go along with the single release but due to time being spent promoting the album we have not had time to do this.

Work on our second album 'Open Your Mind' is well underway. As with Carjacker it will be 18 tracks and so far half of the album is at least to full demo stage. We will endeavor to release a few of these demos across Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Myspace in the coming weeks. The release date for the album is currently Friday 27th of November which is also happens to be Thomas's 15th birthday.

We would also like to thank Croydon Radio who have supported us for nearly 2 years now, and have made us a featured artist on their station. We are hoping to get more radio play in the next couple of months. We will add a page on our site soon to list when you can hear our tracks being played.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far on our journey.

August Update - Carjacker

We are looking forward to the release of our first album 'Carjacker' on the 7th of August.

The track listing for the album is :-

 1) Madness (I Wish I Understood My Dreams)
 2) Crusade
 3) Listen While You're Working
 4) Solar Empire
 5) Carjacker
 6) Insanitee
 7) Riding High
 8) Contact
 9) Sister of Night
10) Electrox
11) Dream *
12) Ghosts
13) Anomaly
14) The Chase
15) Slipping In and Out of Consciousness
16) Convolution
17) Rise and Fall
18) State of Mind

All songs by NE29 except * NE29 and Zephr

For anyone who purchases our 'Carjacker' album during the month of August we will be sending the buyers through email three additional tracks. These tracks will only be available during the month of August.  They are :

Fallen Angel (Can be heard on our music player)
Spanning The Heavens

These tracks will be sent to the same email as used in the purchase of the album via bandcamp.

July Update

Friday August 7th will see the release of NE29's first downloadable album release 'Carjacker' which as with our previous downloadable songs be available to purchase on Bandcamp. Carjacker is an 18 track album available in multiple formats for £5.00 only. The final track listing for this will be listed on here on the 3rd of August.

Anyone purchasing the album in August 2015 will also receive via email three bonus exclusive NE29 tracks.

We are also going to be working on another video in the next couple of weeks which will most likely be 'Insanitee'. Once it is ready it will be added to our youtube page.

Our second album which will also be 18 tracks in length has the current working title of 'Open Your Mind' and has a current release date of late November 2015.

May Update

It's been a long time since the last update. Sorry for the delay.

We are currently working on our first downloadable album which will be called 'Carjacker'. It will be available initially through our bandcamp page and should be ready for download at the start of August 2015. The album will contain 18 tracks. Some of these will be new but most will have been originally been available to listen too on various websites at one time or another. All of the tracks have been remixed for this album and will be only available in this one download album. We will give the full album running order hopefully next month.

This week saw the upload of our first live action video on youtube. If you have not seen it already then please go and check out 'Madness (I wish I understood my dreams). It features Gareth in his first acting role, though has not actually had to do much actual acting if you have seen it. The video was shot and created by Thomas.

Gareth has been undergoing checks for his vocal chord problem at North Tyneside General Hospital. He has a speech therapist assigned to him and has daily breathing exercises and other things to do to help with his vocal problem.

We are already starting to work on our second album and again will probably be a similar format as the first with 18 tracks.  We have identified 5 tracks that we would like to have a guest vocalist appear on if anyone out there is brave enough to want to work with us on these tracks.

We hope everyone is having a safe and good 2015 so far.

November Update

Gareth had his nasal correction operation on the 11th of September and seems so far to be successful. He has been referred to his local speech therapy unit to do some tests regarding his vocal chords which are still causing problems.

NE29 have now passed the 7,000 mark for fans on the various sites that they we a presence. Thanks to everyone that has become our fan :)

We are often asked when will we perform live. So far there are still no plans in the near future but maybe during 2016 we will take our first steps to performing live.

August Update

We have recently returned from a holiday to Northern France which was very pleasant and relaxing. Will be having a further short holiday to Blackpool and the Lake District later in the month.

Gareth has still to have his operation, hopefully a date will be given in the next few days for this.

On the music front new music has been created in the past couple of months. A few tracks have been added to the jukebox on here. These included Encoder, SynthiCat Strikes, Chrome and Biohazard.

May Update

Gareth is facing another operation on his nasal passages. Hopefully this will happen within the next three to four months. He is also on medication for his cough which has arisen from complications from the previous surgery. Hopefully NE29 will feature their own vocals sometime at the back end of the year if all goes well.

A collaboration between NE29 and a US recording artist is also on the cards. More about this hopefully soon.

March Update

Hi hope everyone has had a good start to 2014!

NE29 have been busy creating new tracks which are now available on the various websites we have a presence.  We are looking to make further videos for these tracks to promote them further. Further news on these once they have been created.

We have been pushing to get further songs playlisted on radio. Have managed in the last two days to get 'Return Ticket To Miami' playlisted on Croydon Radio, thank you very much to them for the support. Will be trying to gian further radio play over the coming few weeks.

First Blog

We have been working on new tracks over the past week.  For the first time Gareth has remixed one of Thomas's tracks, New Planet which sounds very good :)

Finally getting somewhere with this website, it should be up and running in the next few days.

Two weeks now until Gareth's nasal operation.  Hopefully it goes ahead as planned as there has been some blood pressure issues, fingers crossed it happens!

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